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Soviet order Lenin and Secuirity


The Order of Lenin (RussianОрден ЛенинаromanizedOrden Leninapronounced [ˈordʲɪn ˈlʲenʲɪnə]), named after the leader of the Russian October Revolution, was established by the Central Executive Committee on April 6, 1930. The order was the highest civilian decoration bestowed by the Soviet Union. The order was awarded to:

  • Civilians for outstanding services rendered to the State
  • Members of the armed forces for exemplary service
  • Those who promoted friendship and cooperation between peoples and in strengthening peace
  • Those with meritorious services to the Soviet state and society[1]

From 1944 to 1957, before the institution of specific length of service medals, the Order of Lenin was also used to reward 25 years of conspicuou

Soviet red Medal Banner star Order Hero Soviet Union scout-miner Oder (#1558)


Medal Hero of Soviet Union # 4804


Vasily Gavrilovich Petrenko 

Gunner of a mortar of the 2nd mortar company of the 25th Guards Rifle Regiment of the 6th Guards Rivne Order of the Red Banner rifle division of the 13th Army of the 1st Ukrainian Front, guard senior sergeant, Hero of the Soviet Union